Battlefield Skills

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Battlefield Skills

With the 1.3 Patch new Battlefield Skills were added to each class.
Their general role is to slow down the swarm of low countdown cards and prevent the early elimination of the Hero.
These new cards' real nature is shown in PvP - the opponent's rushdeck is running out of cards and your defense is still standing
and resisting his breakthrough attempts.
In bossfights with the help of new cards you will be able to withstand the overwhelming hostile forces and eventually strike back.
With their low countdown and exceptionally strong effect they are highly recommended in every deck.
Card bg Rally Point.jpg
The warrior is the source of power and master of offensive buffs.
He can summon the Rally point units standing on the marked tiles will have
increased Attack for the duration of the Rally point.
It is very good in tough situation when the battle is frozen in the middle of the battlefield
or when you are pushed back.
Battlefield Skill.
Summons a Rally Point in a 2x2 area.
Creatures within the Rally Point gain +3 Attack.
Lasts for 3 turns.

Card bg Smoke Screen.jpg
The ranger has a bag full of tricks. He can assassinate units before or after they are summoned
and support his creatures with additional abilities.
The ranger's Smoke Screen ability can hide friendly units from the opponent's direct spells.
The proper timing of playing this card may win you the match.
Battlefield skill.
Summon Smoke in a 2x2 area.
Creatures in Smoke gain ability Nimble:Can not be targeted by single target skills.
Lasts for 3 turns.

Card bg Poison Swamp.jpg
The mage is the master of crowd control.
Nukes, disables, damage-over-time spells may erase the opponent's units
or burn the battlefield to ashes.
The Poison Swamp ability is literally a poison swamp: it slows down and poisons any entering creature.
Only flying units can avoid getting melted in the green slime.
Battlefield skill.
Places a Poison Swamp on a 2x1 area.
Non-flying creatures who pass through the swamp take 3 Shadow damage in
every turn they remain in the swamp and their movement is reduced by upto 3.
Lasts for 4 turns.

Card bg Refuge.jpg
The priest's task is to keep the creatures alive.
Aiding them with healing spells, various buffs and damage reflection.
The Refuge skill prevents any enemy unit from approaching the summoner or certain unit.
It is exceptionally useful to block a lane and focus firepower on another.
Battlefield skill.
Creates a magical Refuge.
Enemy creatures can not enter or pass the tile.
Lasts for 4 turns.