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Your Battlements earn you a silver income each day, but the amount can be modified. Daily you have 5 free attacks with 500 silver fee. You can buy additional ones with 30 gold (Assembly Order).

Silver Income

Up to 5x per day, you can gain or lose up to a 50% modifier on silver income. Successful defensive battles apply a +10%, and losing a defensive battle suffers a -10% to your claimable income. The result of these defensive battles also influences the Durability of your Battlements, which changes the amount of Base Income you can get. Each Battlements level is giving you 2,500 silver. At level 20 (max), you will be able to gather and collect 50,000 silver. You can collect it every 12 hours.

Extra support


By upgrading your Battlements levels in City Hall you are able to increase and improve cards you can use. You can deploy defensive creatures and structures in a square grid of the last 5 rows of your side of the battlefield. All of the additional cards that you can use by leveling up you Battlements are Godlike. You can chose one card from three of each level.

Level 1 Level 5 Level 10 Level 15 Level 20
Aurora Veloxia The Chariot of War Darkbringer Garghael Shadow Demon Volante Voidstep
Wheel of Fortune Mercy Ferena Drake Sphynx Assyrio The Emperor
The Golden Dawn The Tower Ryli the White Witch Angel Seraph Judgement