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The Blacksmith enables players to combine and enchant their hero's equipment. There are 4 basic pieces of equipment: the cloak, helmet, armour and weapon. The helmet is connected with your hero‘s Expertise, the armour with your hero‘s Vitality, the weapon with creatures' Valour and the cloak with creatures' Fortitude.

Icon equipment combine.png Combining equipment

Combining equipment.png

Players can combine equipment in the Blacksmith, under the Combine tab.

Select the equipment to be combined from the inventory on the right. The equipment then shows up in the combining slots on the left.

Players can select at least 2 pieces (maximum 4 pieces) to combine. These need to be of the same type and the same rank.

Once equipment has been successfully combined, the old equipment will disappear and the new piece will be generated.

  • The higher the Blacksmith's level, the higher the additional success rate for the equipment combination.
  • The level of player's guild techniques can also influence the success rate when combining equipment.
  • Gold can be used to increase the success rate.
  • The more equipment selected, the higher the success rate.
  • If the player has insufficient materials for combining equipment, they can use gold to purchase these under the 'fill material' option, available to VIP players.
  • If the combining fails, the equipment with the highest enchantment will remain, regardless of which slot it's in.
  • Failed combines will consume all but one piece of equipment and all Gems used, whilst the equipment remains at its current level/enchantment progress.

Icon equipment enchant.png Enchanting equipment

Enchant equipment.png

Players can combine equipment in the Blacksmith, under the Enchant tab.

Enchanting your equiment requiers enchanting gems: these come in 4 grades and can be used up to 3 at a time for each equipment. Similarly, the equipment is divided into 4 tiers, and different enchanting gems are suitable for upgrading different tiers of armour.

When Enchanting, simply select the piece of equipment you would like to enchant and the gems you would like to go with it. A certain success rate applies for both the enchanting and the combining of equipment, decided by the euipment tier and your Blacksmith level. The numbers under the enchanting interface denote the success rate, and for a little gold you can increase this or guarantee that the item will not be downgraded, should the enchanting fail.

Additional Blacksmith succes rate

The Blacksmith level directly influences the additional success rate with combining and enchanting equipment.

  • The combining of equipment is unlocked at Blacksmith Level 5.
  • The success rates for Enchanting and Combining are calculated as follows:

Blacksmith success rate = basic success rate × additional blacksmith success rate

The additional success rate for enchanting and combining equipment works as follows:

Blacksmith Level Additional success rate for enchanting or combining
1 2%
2 5%
3 7%
4 10%
5 12%
6 15%
7 17%
8 20%
9 22%
10 25%
11 27%
12 30%
13 32%
14 35%
15 37%
16 40%
17 42%
18 45%
19 47%
20 50%