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Deck Overview

This Deck can be used at any level providing you have the required cards. The basis of this tactic is to take a card that is hard to hurt and turn it into an unstoppable juggernaut using skills.

Hold your tank card until you have Encourage or Command: Heroic up, when everything is ready place your Tank with buffs into a lane. The placement of the card is quite important, as due to Tank cards having fairly low initial damage, getting them stuck against another tank they can’t hurt will stop them gaining the heroic stacks.

The idea is to get the tank stacking Heroic attack points on weak cards to the point where he is causing massive damage while being hard to hurt due to armour. Obviously if you can supplement your tank with healer cards this is also advantageous.

As with many builds you will need a little luck to get the cards out in the right order but this tactic can be devastating.

Cards Required

Encourage Skill, Command: Heroic Skill and a Card with Armour (Tank).

Suggested Cards

At higher levels you want something with at least Armour 2. At lower levels, Armour 1 will work. Try to avoid using Tank cards that only do 1 damage, as it’s hard to get them started stacking heroic. Also try to avoid high count down cards as this build works best early in the battle before your opponent gets to his high damage cards out.

List of Usable Armour Cards

Race Name Rank (Stars) Countdown Attack Type Life Armour Remarks
Human Sentinel 4/5/6 3 2/3/4 Melee 11/12/14 2/2/2
Human Captain 3/4/5/6 4 2/3/3/4 Melee 9/11/13/16 2/2/3/3
Undead Zombie Captain 3/4/5/6 4 2/3/3/4 Melee 7/8/10/12 2/2/3/3
Undead Zombie Sentinel 4/5/6 3 2/3/4 Melee 8/9/11 2/2/2
Undead Zombie Guard 4/5/6 1 1/2/2 Melee 5/5/8 2/2/2 Low damage
Undead Dread Phantom 3/4/5/6 5 1/2/3/4 Shadow 7/7/7/7 Physical damage taken reduced to 1.

Low damage, high CD

Undead Desperate Soul 4/5/6 5 3/4/5 Shadow 8/8/10 Physical damage taken reduced to 1.

Magic damage taken reduced to 0.

High CD

Beast Armoured Lizard 3/4/5/6 2 1/1/2/2 Melee 7/7/8/13 2/3/3/3 Slow movement
Beast Thunder Lizard 3/4/5/6 2 1/1/2/2 Lightning 9/9/12/15 1/2/2/2 Slow movement
Beast Senior Thunder Lizard 3/4/5/6 4 2/2/3/3 Lightning 8/10/12/18 2/3/3/3 Slow movement

Counters to this tactic

Tank blocked – If the enemy blocks your Tank with a Tank of their own that you cannot hurt, your tank won’t be able to generate stacks. Although can be overcome by adding Encourage to your Tank for a damage boost.

Magic Damage – Armour won’t stop you from taking magic damage, use healers if you have them.

Sunder Armour - Some cards bypass Armour which can hurt a lot, although not so many cards have this ability. Examples include Wind-Dancer Elke, Jasmine the Dervish, Feles Assassin Master.

Rangers (PVP) – Rangers can counter this build very easily with the Ranger skill Disinformation. While this skill doesn’t kill your tank it removes from the battle causing them to lose all their buffs.

Additional Information

Certain cards have both Vigilance and Armour, while these cards can still work with the tactic, these cards will move slower as they will want to hit everything around them. Remember you can put more than one Heroic or Encourage on a card to boost them further!

This build is somewhat of a rush, an “all or nothing” tactic, so have a backup plan in case your Tank gets killed or the cards don’t come in the order required.