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Kings and Legends

Kings and Legends is an incredibly fun, free and fast−paced MMO Collectible Card Game. Summon your cards to life on the battlefield and marvel as they march across the battlefield to take the fight to the enemy.

With over 900+ cards to collect across 11 different Races and 4 Classes, you'll have endless choices to build the ultimate Deck. Mix n' match your units to find the right balance and attack strategy. Each creature's individual abilities can be used to complement another's and make sure the action always remains interesting. An expansive Single-player campaign, dozens of Dungeons, Co-operative PvE and PvP battles and a slew of events, you'll face endless challenges in this easy-to-learn CCG!

Tactical Battle system

Summon your cards to life and watch the action unfold across a battlefield divided into a number of lanes. Your units march across the battlefield and attack the enemy according to their unique abilities. Flying units soar over ground troops to surprise the enemy, heavily armored units tank lanes and block the enemy advance, whilst a few well-placed ranged units pepper the enemy vanguard....create synergies between your cards by taking advantage of their ability effects.

Cast skills to buff your allies or debuff your enemy, hurl fireballs and other spells at them to reduce them to ashes or excercise Battlefield control by placing area-of-effect cards to mire them in bogs or cripple them with status effects.

Power Up!

Cards can be enhanced and evolved into more into more powerful ranks, adding Attack power, HP and/or abilities. Combine or Forge equipment in the Blacksmith for access to new battle skills and increase your Critical Hit or Block rates.

Unwanted cards can also be shredded to receive materials that can be used to build new cards, or mix cards together to create Hybrid cards!

Intense Tournaments and Competitions

Kings and Legends has a huge roster of daily, weekly and monthly tournaments. Bring your gameface, because PvP is the competitive heart of this collectible card game. Big prizes are at stake so choose your cards wisely, work closely with your team−mates and spectate the enemy for weaknesses in their strategy.

Epic adventures and battles

The Single-Player Campaign consists of 2 expansive continents with 17 Regions and over 130 Stages to beat. you‘ll never lack for battles and experience, which is essential as you gain reputation which unlocks special rewards and stat upgrades. The Ascension Tower is a 50−level tower of challenges and rewards against deviously good NPC opponents. Enter the Challenge Hall and team up with other players for a Dungeon Run, facing a powerful Boss enemy for your chance to win protective equipment, powerful cards, magical gems and in game currency.

Your kingdom Awaits!

Each Hero gains control of a City which can be leveled up to provide a variety of bonuses both on and off the battlefield. Sell unwanted cards for in−game currency in the Auction House, which you can use to buy cards you do need, or upgrade cards into even more powerful forms in the Alchemy Lab.

Check the Ranking Board to see how you rate against other players, and duel them for bragging rights in the Arena.

Events & Updates

Kings and Legends is constantly looking to improve the game with fun events, challenges and content updates virtually every month. New Dungeons and Cards are regularly added to the game to keep you on your toes!