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Patch Notes 27.09.2016 - Patch 2.2(3a)

Game Updates

Game Changes

Patch Notes 28.07.2015 - Patch 1.8 - Beasts

Game Updates

Game Changes

  • Name changes to Goblin-Incarnate and Ogre-Incarnate
  • Removed Chinese text from Mount system
  • New description for Ogre & Goblin VIP Boss
  • Correction to typo on Cryptic Ogre Pack
  • Name and ability loca changes to various Event cards

Patch Notes 05.05.2015 - Patch 1.8 Phase 2 - Sharia's Awakening

Game Changes

  • Added 1.0/1.1 Undead Awakened cards
  • Added 'The Incarnate: Ghouls'
  • Added Cryptic Undead Pack II
  • 4 new Class Specialists (1 card per Class)

Patch Notes 21.04.2015


  • New shop sale: Human Masters / Halfblood Masters / Roan Mount
  • New daily Login rewards
  • New loading page graphic: The Lover

Game Changes

  • Aurora Veloxia ability change: Only cards summoned by Aurora's summoner gain ability: Featherstep
  • New Tarot card: The Lover

Patch Notes 02.12.2014


  • New shop sale: Human masters / Elf Masters / Demon Masters
  • New daily Login rewards
  • New version of Kings Command
  • A fourth page was added to the Hero Inventory
  • HP Buff Live Test: All Players in 2v2 & 4v4 Matches will receive a +50% HP Buff

Patch Notes 18.11.2014


Patch Notes 04.11.2014


  • New shop sale: Dragon Masters / Demon Masters / Kings Pack
  • Consume Gold & Exchange: Starry Skies
  • VIP Boss Fight is open to Non-VIP players between 14.11 - 21.11.2014 (10:00am)

Patch Notes 21.10.2014 - Patch 1.7 - Sharia's Awakening


  • New Cards / Guide Entries: Human Chantresses, Human Awakened, Skills
  • Master's Skill Pack IV
  • Added VIP Boss Fight (always on) and VIP Boss Event (open to non-VIP's during Event)
  • Added 'Black Opal' item, to enhance Hero cards to Awakened rank
  • Added Awakened fragments which enable Non-Hero cards to be enhanced to Awakened rank
  • Added 'World Boss

': 2x 1-hour instance at 17:00 / 21:00 server time daily.

  • Upcoming: 4x New skill cards & more Human / Elf cards (Pugilists, Strikers, Nymphs)
  • Upcoming: Add skill cards to PvP Shop

Patch Notes 23.9.2014 - Server Merge: s5-11 / s12


  • New Shop Sale: Dragon Masters / Angel Masters / Beast Masters

Preparation for upcoming Events:

  • Pegasus Blessing II Event
  • Hell's Realm
  • Heaven's Rapture
  • 10 Days Daily Login rewards
  • Free card Event: Khatima
  • New Loading Screen - The Death
  • Servers s5 - s11 have been Merged with s12. s12 has received a compensation pack.

Loca Changes

  • Guide: GameSpree has been sub-divided into more categories: GameSpree/Norse/Arcane/Pirates/Greco-Trojan
  • Dead Man's Chest (Klaus Stortebeker): Reduces ranged damage taken to half. Upon dying, collapses into a Bone heap and one random creature is moved from Graveyard back to its Summoner's Deck.

Patch Notes 26.8.2014


  • Shop sale: New Shop Sale: King's Pack, Elf Masters Pack, Undead Master Pack
  • New Gamespree Pack: Pirate cards
  • New card rewards for Hell's Realm boss fight

Patch Notes 12.08.2014 - v1.6 Part A: The Hellfire Update


  • Patch 1.6(a) update. Added backend infrastructure for new events, features, cards
  • Demon Cards added to 1.4-1.6 in Guide
  • New Boss Run: Hell's Realm. Player may need to scroll down to see it in Challenge Hall
  • Ancient Den also active
  • New Event: 'Soul Summon' added
  • Preparation of Free Card Event
  • New Shop Sale: Skill Masters / Human Masters & Tempest pack available

Loca Changes

  • Small loca fixes

Patch Notes 15.07.2014


  • Shop Sale: Human Masters / Elf Masters / Savage Masters
  • Preparation for future Events/Promos
  • New loading screen: The Hermit of The Tarot set
  • Added card to guide: Lance-Maiden Eir
  • Added 2 new Angel categories to Guide
  • Added Event: Lucky Week
  • Goblin, Ogre & Beast Reputation: Level 50 rewards added
  • Heaven's Rapture event active
  • Master's Skill Pack open requirements reduced to VIP5
  • Master's Skill Pack III added: 1* New Skill per Class included

Loca Changes

  • Tutorial text was slightly optimised

Patch Notes 17.06.2014


  • Shop Sale: Undead Master Pack, Savage Master Pack, Master Skill Pack
  • Preparation for future Events/Promos
  • Added new Zodiac Card "Leo", Avatar Card "Reika", Shadow dragons and more Angels to the guide
  • Norse Booster Pack added
  • Dragon Booster Packs added - Standard and Master
  • FiFa Worldcup Exchange Events added
  • Red Dragon Lair Boss active
  • Name and Gender change cards added to the tutorial

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug where players above level 65 couldn't finish their daily quests.

Patch Notes 03.06.2014


  • New Shop Sale: Roan mount, Halfblood Masters Pack, Beast Masters Pack
  • New Loading Screen Nordic Gods
  • New Season reward system: Cross Server Rewards are now special packs containing random cards and Sealed League Tickets. Local rewards remain the same.
  • Preparation for various Events/Promos
  • Added Sword Saint Nemain, Thor, Loki, Idun and Hel to the Card Guide
  • Preparations for the Valhalla Pack
  • Dragon Boss with Holy Dragons active

Patch Notes 20.05.2014 - v1.5 'Rapture Update'


  • Character level cap has been increased to 70. Hero Life will increase by +1 every 2 levels (62,64,66...)
  • New Map regions 13 and 14 added.
  • New high level, time limited boss added: Heaven's Rapture
  • New 'Enhance' function added to Alchemy Lab
  • Holy Dragons added to guide
  • Heavenly Spears added to Guide
  • Levy Tax is new separated into Levy Silver and Levy Crystal. Tax income is increased for each one.
  • Activity points rewards have been adjusted
  • Daily Act. points of 70 will now award an Epic Alchemy Stone.
  • Legendary Alchemy Stone added to Weekly Activity Chest drop list.
  • PVP Activity task added into PVP Room
  • Spear Angel & Holy Dragons event added to Events (Angel Event live with launch)

Patch Notes 06.05.2014


  • New Shop Sale: Tempest Pack, Roan, Kings Pack
  • Preparation for Events/Promos
  • New Loading Screen
  • Added new Event Cards: Khatima, Gujaret
  • Dragon's Lair with Ice dragons is active again for 2 weeks
  • Season rewards changed


  • Server 5-9 is merged with server 10 and 11
  • Server 1-4, 5-9 and 10, 11 are crossed


  • Loca was fixed in Gemini and Evil Gemini

Gemini - During May & June, deals 1 Fire damage to an enemy hero each turn.

Evil Gemini - Upon dying, summon Dark Gemini (3/3/6/Ember/Immolation 2/Evil Gemini). Cannot be targeted by single-target skills during May & June.

  • Disturbance Rune was changed to Upheaval Rune, since it works differently than the Disturbance skill.

Upheaval - Two non-Wall creatures swap lanes in a 1x2 area.

Patch Notes 22.04.2014


Patch Notes 08.04.2014


  • New Shop sale: Human Master's Pack, Elf Pack, Master's Pack
  • New Loading Screen
  • New background for Events: Special Booster / Gold Rush
  • New cards added to Guide: Shargase / Warrior-Monk Simon
  • Dragon's Lair reactivated for 2 weeks
  • Master's Skill Pack v2 implemented
  • 4 New skill cards added to game (unavailable currently)

Patch Notes 11.03.2014


  • New Shop sale: Master's Pack, King's Pack, Master's Skill Pack
  • New Loading Screen (Ferena)
  • Events starting today: King's Enchantment, I am Legendary
  • PvP Season Rewards changed
  • New permanent Sealed League Tournament

Bug Fixes

  • Adjusted card ability texts of Nemesis, Frost Breath, Icy Breath and Storm Breath

Patch Notes 25.02.2014


  • Merge of Servers 5-6 with Servers 7-9
  • Cross Server PvP for S1-S9
  • New Shop sale: Undead Master's Pack, Savage Master's Pack, Beast Master's Pack
  • Events starting today: Pack of the Day, I'am Legendary, King's Enchantment (S1-11)
  • Preparation for new Events (eg. "Snow White" which you can see over the button "Event")

Bug Fixes

  • If you post a card in the chat, the card description should no longer cut off the card edges
  • Judge Tytus now attacks enemy units again
  • The "Legendary Gem" can be bought with Rubies again
  • Several "Ranger"-Skills and other card ability descriptions have been optimized, according to the feedback we've got in the forums
  • The different winning streak texts has been optimized
  • Remaining Chinese text in the Battlements has been replaced
  • The Battlements durability can't be higher than 150% anymore
  • The "Mysterious Waters" expedition now gives the right amount of resources
  • It's no longer possible to post GM-Cards in the game chat
  • The game doesn't crash anymore if there are 2x "Winged Emperor" and 2x "Undead King Bael" on the battlefield

Patch Notes 15.01.2014 - 1.4 Fixes

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue causing player not to be able to see their Friends List
  • Removed the Quest "Wrath of Heaven's Army" (will be added again in a future patch)
  • Removed a bug that caused some players not to be able to initiate a City Attack.
  • Activity Points adjustments:

Task: Defeat any Boss 2 times
Change: Defeat 1 time, decreased by 5 points

Task: Complete 8 PvP Battles
Change: Complete 5 PvP Battles, decreased by 3 points

Task: Complete Daily Quests
Change: Increased by 10 points

Task: Complete Guild Quests
Change: Decreased by 4 points

Task: Challenge Ascension Tower
Change: Decreased by 1 points

Task: City Defense Battle
Change: Added, 3 points worth

Task: Buy Pack with Silver
Change: Decreased by 1 point

Task: Buy pack with Gold
Change: Increased by 7 points

Task: Combine 2 cards
Change: Decreased by 3 points

Task: Extract 2 cards
Change: Decreased by 3 points

Task: Fuse 1 card
Change: Decreased by 2 points

The max. is still 100 points per day

Patch Notes 14.01.2014 - The Reckoning 1.4 Patch


  • New PvP-Season Rewards
  • The Christmas City Background has been replaced with the normal one
  • New Shop Sale: Beast Master's Pack, Undead Master's Pack, Legendary Gem
  • Preparation for future Events/Promos

1.4: The Reckoning

  • New Card Races: Dragons & Angels
  • The Fire Dragon Cards are available via the new Event "Challenge Veraaksia", the Angel and Ice Dragon Cards will be activated later, but can be seen in the Card Guide
  • New Building: City Defense: City Defense is a new building where you can attack another player's city and setup your defense
  • New Activity Reward Task for City Defense
  • Rune Recipes added
  • You can now Forge Runes in the Blacksmith, as soon as you've got all the necessary materials
  • New Boss: Red Dragon Lair (will be active until 28.01.14 - 10:00)
  • Event "Challenge Veraaksia": Collect Points via Event-Quests to buy Dragon Cards
  • Second Inventory page has been unlocked

Bug Fixes

  • Small facelift to the date format on the Event screen
  • "Booster Bonanza" is now written correctly on the Event title
  • Localization Fixes

Patch Notes 17.12.2013


  • Ancient Den is back! 17.12.13 10:00 - 01.01.14 10:00
  • New Shop Sale: Master's Pack, Savage Master's Pack, King's Pack
  • Booster Bonanza Event (Velyn the Unscarred) 17.12.13 10:00 - 19.12.14 10:00
  • Preparation for many other Events
  • The Daily Login Event on S10 & 11 has been extended to the 15.03.14

Bug Fixes

  • Localisation Fixes.
  • A bug regarding the Alchemy Lab "fill material" function has been fixed.

Patch Notes 03.12.2013


Bug Fixes

  • Localization fixes
  • Special Chars. in Guild Names is fixed (They were showing as ???)

Patch Notes 19.11.2013


  • Merge of servers Sorann-s7, Fenris-s8 & Darius-s9
  • Cross-Server PvP enabled of Azrael/Dante (s5/s6) with Sorann/Fenris/Dante (s7/s8/s9)
  • New Event: Gold Rush
  • New Loading Screen: Gork
  • Changes to Promotional backgrounds
  • New Event button image
  • New Season Rewards
  • New Post-Season rewards
  • Tomb of Doom event for s10/s11 (21.11)

Patch Notes 12.11.2013


  • New card "Athena" has been added to the Collectors Guide but is not currently ingame yet.
  • Event Pack is active again until the 19th of November.
  • The new Event "Master of Alchemy" is active between 17:00pm CET - 23:00pm CET (Server Time) on the 12th and 13th of November
  • The Daily Login Event has been reactivated on Server 10 & 11.
  • New shop sale on: Master Pack, Savage Master's Pack and Beast Master's Pack
  • New Times for the Post-Season: 1v1: Saturday 17:00, 2v2 Saturday 21:00

Bug Fixes

  • A number of localization issues have been fixed
  • UI issues have been fixed
  • After a weekly maintenance, the Guild Announcements should not cut off anymore

Patch Notes 05.11.2013


  • The Ancient Den has been sealed away, umtil the next one is found...
  • The Tempest Pack has expired, only the magic of the Ancient Den can maintain it.
  • A few Loca changes
  • Internal updates to GM-Tool
  • Upload of testable Quests for next Free Card event

Patch Notes 29.10.2013


  • New v1.3 Loading Screen images

Bug Fixes

  • Some over-long text on Seaport Expedition Descriptions was corrected
  • Guild Showdown date/times shown as variables has been fixed
  • Changed the colour of Stars on Master's Skill pack
  • Building picture in City Hall for Alchemy Lab was changed to correct one
  • A couple of small localization changes / fixes in Event Quests

Patch Notes 22.10.2013 - Ancient Den Update


  • Event Booster Pack active until 29.10
  • Event Boss "Ancient Den" activated until 05.11
  • Daily Login rewards restart incl. Dread Champion(Epic) & Doom Rider(Epic)
  • New Sale Item's: Event Booster Pack, Halfblood Master Pack, Undead Master Pack, Legendary Gem, Tempest Item pack

Patch Notes 15.10.2013 - Primal Invasion 1.3 Patch


  • New cards for Goblin, Beast, Ogre and 4 new battlefield skill cards. Found in the Battlefield Skill category of the guide and come from Skill packs.
  • New Standard Skill Pack, Master's Skill Pack
  • New race packs: Savage Standard, Beast Standard, Savage Master's Pack, Beast master's pack.
  • New Post-Season system
  • Reputation shop for Goblin, Beast and Ogre are open up to lv.42.
  • New race cards and skills cards from 1.3 version were added into the PvP Pack.
  • Optimization of Tutorial
  • New interface for buildings, city hall, the certain game interfaces
  • New city background graphic

Bug Fixes

  • A few ability descriptions have been made clearer
  • The font style/size of the expedition descriptions is now the same everywhere
  • When the session times out in the character creation screen, won't open within the game anymore

Patch Notes 17.09.2013


  • s1-Elyria/s2-Vel'Assar has been merged with s3-Mifzuna/s4-Sarya
  • s5-Azrael has been merged with s6-Dante

UI Changes

  • Shop button from VIP Overview removed
  • Slight changes to Gold Promotion Overview images

Patch Notes 10.09.2013


  • New Promo Background

'Bug Fixes'

  • Small Localisation changes to the Guild Showdown
  • Map Region 12 now shows the right character level limit (55)

Patch Notes 03.09.2013


  • "Cross-Server" is set as default in the ranking board to avoid confusion about the rewards that will be given out at the Season End.
  • "Libra" card got a clearer ability description.

Patch Notes 23.07.2013


  • Free Activity event added (Dante), will be on the 22nd August.

'Bug Fix'

  • Guild Quit Function for Presidents.

'Loca changes'

  • Various quest loca improvements, re-wording to avoid confusion and misunderstandings.

Patch Notes 13.08.2013

'Loca Changes' Cavalry: +2 Movement. Toss: +1 Range. Archer. Hawk Eye: +5 Range. Archer Pegasus: +2 Movement. Cavalry. Flying. Can pass over non-flying Creatures Tower: Wall. Archer. Cannot move. Heavy Crossbow: +2 Range. Archer. Cannot attack after moving. Repeating Crossbow: +2 Range. Archer. Attacks twice each round if able.

'UI Changes' 4th Text line of Boss Descriptions corrected Tutorial: Map 2-5 preview image adjusted

'Game Changes' Juliet and Farmhand Westley added to the Card Guide, under Special> Festival Juliet promotion begins and lasts until 20.8.2013 05:00am Cest

Patch Notes 30.07.2013


  • Start of the "Virgo" Promo

'Bug Fixes'

  • You will now get a proper error message on Region 11 & 12 if your level is too low for a map
  • The "spectate" button shouldn't appear for offline friends anymore
  • If you post a Trumpet item in the Trumpet channel, the channel and the item names are correct displayed now
  • The guild names in the "United we stand" event has got a smaller font size
  • A shorter error message has been added to the Auction House: "Your bid must be at least 5 Gold more than the previous bid"
  • Fixed translation for a system message. "[Player X] has successfully fused [Card X]. Congratulations!"
  • An image will now display if you don't have Flash on your PC

Patch Notes 23.07.2013


  • New confirmation message when you cancel your auction stating you will lose your Deposit

'Bug Fixes'

  • Sky Reaver Vara's ability "Vicious Backstab" got a more accurate description
  • The "Lucky Draw" button won't start flashing again after re-login
  • A small display fix in the Halfblood Master Pack description
  • If you try to sell more than 10 cards at once, you get a error message in the correct language
  • Added a space between "Summoner:" and the name on the battlefield popup
  • The displayed amount of the PvP weekly reward Gold has been fixed on the Game guide popup
  • Spacing on some new Undead card ability descriptions has been tidied up
  • The quest "Endless Challenge" has been fixed and should now be visible for all players level 51 and higher
  • Fixed a bug which can lead to Server issues / Server down time

Patch Notes 16.7.2013: v1.2 'The Dark Descent Update'

  • New Content


  • New Race cards: Undead, Halfblood, Planes (only Judge Tytus for 1.2)
  • New Race: Planes
  • Card Guide update with new cards
  • Level cap increased to 60
  • New jewelry item for hero: Earrings, which can be obtained from boss fight King's Mausoleum (Hard)
  • New continent added. Two new regions available (Region 11 and 12).
  • New PVP skill cards added to the shop (1 per class)
  • New lucky draw system. Logging in everyday gains you a free reward. The more days you consecutively login, the more free picks you get.



  • Halfblood and Undead Standard packs added costing 5000 Silver each.
  • Halfblood and Undead Master packs added costing 198 Gold / Rubies.
  • Event Tab removed. Event cards will be added to an Event Booster pack in a future update.


  • Between level 50 - 60 your life will increase by 1 for every two levels you gained.


  • New Undead and Halfblood reputation level 50 rewards are open in the Reputation Shop (new cards in the corresponding level are Sky Reaver Vara and Gringheist
  • New tutorial girl graphic
  • Auction house buyout prices can no longer be adjusted and are set by system. Auction ends if maximum price is reached.
  • System announcement when new legendary or Godlike cards placed on the Auction House
  • Player names no longer shown in the announcement when Legendary or Godlike cards are obtained.
  • Lorelei added to card guide.
  • Artwork changed on various cards

Patch Notes 02.7.2013

Bug Fixes


  • Various back end server + database improvements to help increase server stability

Patch Notes 25.6.2013

Game Changes

  • Cross-Server PvP between Mifzuna (s3) and Sarya (s4)
  • Legendary Gems will now be available in the Item Shop
  • 2 small UI/Loca fixes

Patch Notes 18.6.2013

Game Changes

  • Azrael Card Art changed to new version
  • 4vs4 Guild Quest removed, the rewards have been inserted into other remaining Guild Quests. Note: You may need to complete the Quest one more time to remove it, as it will not 're-activate' after completion.
  • Some small UI Changes
  • A couple of Loca Changes

Patch Notes 04.6.2013


  • New Energy Restore System. Players will gain 1 Energy per 20 minutes instead of a fix amount at certain times. That should help our international players to enjoy the game even more.

Bug Fixes

  • Added text to the Guild Showdown Rules which tells the players that they need at least 700 CP per week in order to get their Guild Showdown rewards
  • Fixed: Every time you join a Guild, the displayed Character Level is displayed 1 higher than it actually is.
  • The remaining time on the "Event" windows has been replaced with a new and more exact time format, example "Jun. 30, 23:59 (Server Time)"

Patch Notes 21.5.2013

Bug Fixes

  • The displayed remaining PvP season time is not bounded to the players local time any more and should be the same for every player.

Other Changes

  • A new game logo has been added in game replacing all instances of the previous logo.

Patch Notes 14.5.2013

  • Features
  • 4vs4 Guild Showdown (Elimination Style Tournament) activated on all servers
  • Game Changes
  • User databases for Elyria and Vel 'Assar merged. (User continues to login as normal from the homepage, i.e. s2-Demadrend selects Vel 'Assar to login to from homepage, s1-Boycie selects Elyria)
  • Bug Fixes
  • Stamps no longer cover the claimed rewards after expedition

Patch Notes 07.5.2013

  • Features
  • New Registration Times for "2v2 Equaliser Honour" and "1v1 Equaliser Gold" on Saturday:
  • 2v2 Equaliser Honour: 18:45 - 19:30
  • 1v1 Equaliser Gold: 21:30 - 22:45
  • Added an Error Message when you try to invite level <35 players to your 2v2 Tournament Team
  • Bug Fixes
  • The displayed remaining PvP season time should be the same for every player, no matter in which time zone they live in
  • Fixed the Font of the "Mastery" ability text
  • Small Localization changes in the Tournament Rules (Sealed)

Patch Notes 23.4.2013

  • Features
  • Bug-Fixes
  • Players who bought Gold before the introduction of the new "First purchase offer" will get their Reward Mail immediately and does not need to re-log to receive it.
  • "Fortitude" was accidentally changed to "Block" in the Hero window in a previous patch, this has been fixed.
  • In the Collector's Guide, the category "Special" -> "Creatures" shows the new cards (Mynx and Alice)

Patch Notes 16.4.2013

  • Features
  • Scroll-bar added to Character biography, allowing a maximum of 1000 character instead of previous maximum of 100 character
  • First purchase special offer

Patch Notes 28.3.2013: Bug-Fixes

  • Bug-Fixes
  • Silver falsely deducted from Card Combine bug between 26th and 27th of March has been sent to individual players via ingame mail
  • All players have received 150 activity points added to their weekly total activity bar
  • Additional bug fixes on Activity reward system

Patch Notes 27.3.2013: Bug-Fixes for 'The Ascension Update'

  • Bug-Fixes
  • Silver deducted for combining cards should now be correct. Players will get their lost Silver added per system mail within the following days
  • Bug-Fixes on Activity reward system
  • PvP-time restrictions for 2vs2 and 4vs4 are removed (again)

Patch Notes 26.3.2013: v1.1 'The Ascension Update'

  • New Feature
  • Ascension Tower added, open to Heroes over Lvl 25
  • New 'Activity' Reward System, a better Daily Login/Daily Quest reward system
  • Arena Shop added, obtain Medals of Honour through PvP and exchange for high-rank Cards
  • Complete overhaul of Graphic User-Interface
  • 'Mount' system added
  • Daily Quests can be auto-completed with Gold: Bribe system
  • Game Guide added: optimised advancement system to allow players to understand new features unlocked at level advancement
  • Players can now Spectate other battles by clicking the eyeball against rooms in-battle

  • Changes
  • Game
  • Combine: Amount to Combine is unrestricted, allowing always a possibility of 100% success.
  • Extract: Cards of same type/rank can be bulk-extracted
  • View 'Graveyard' added, players can check which cards are in the Graveyard by clicking on it
  • Class Selection can be selected at Random during Tutorial
  • Players may review Card Rewards in unlocked regions
  • Temporary Equipment can be renewed with 'Stable' button in Hero Inventory
  • Energy can be bought directly in-room
  • Ascension Tower progress can be reset with Gold
  • Silver / Crystal / Reputation items can be 'bulk-opened' from the Hero Inventory
  • Hero's Bane Aura 1 renamed to Hero's Bane 1: Elves
  • Regeneration Aura 2 renamed to Regeneration 2: Humans
  • Some Reputation Rewards for 35th Level changed: from 20 Elixirs of Life to 30. Players who have already claimed will be sent 10 additional Elixirs
  • Silver worth of Gems increased when selling
  • Between 2-6 will be added to Wind Shelter Wall / Wind Shielding Wall / Grasping Wall / Wall of Vacuum / Arrow Keep
  • Boss
  • Boss Stages reduced from 3 to 2
  • Boss-Pick Silver output greatly increased
  • Level Limit for Shimmering Cave (N) reduced from 20 to 15
  • Life of Bloody Enrager was changed: 13 to 7 in Normal / 16 to 13 in Hard
  • Life of Darkwing Assassin reduced: from 10 to 9 in Hard
  • Guilds
  • Guilds from different servers will be displayed in a different colour in Cross-Server Ranking List
  • Level limit to join Guild adjusted to 11, inline with Shimmering
  • Guild Creation requirements reduced: Players of Level 10 can create Guild for 5,000 Silver
  • Guild level cap raised from 6 to 10
  • When a new member joins a Guild, a welcomer message will flash in Guild Channel
  • Guild Members kicked out:

-- After 4 days offline: 90% of Contribution Points are lost

-- After 5 Days offline: 80% of Contribution Points are lost

-- After 14 Days offline: No Contribution Points lost

  • Shop
  • Categories of Probability for finding Rank cards in Booster Packs now displayed in Shop
  • Booster Pack Purchase restrictions reduced:

--Standard Pack: Level 10

--Elite Pack: Level 20

--Race Packs: VIP restriction on Standard Pack removed

  • System
  • Players can now chat in Auction House to optimise trading, AH can be exited with 'X' button in top-right corner
  • Player Name can be changed with Gold in Character Info page
  • Chat Channel Page UP / Page Down buttons added, players can view more Chat History
  • Change Password for Room-management added
  • Add All / Refuse All buttons added in Invitiations popup
  • System Settings changed, players can now set Sound & Music, choices are remembered at end of play-session.
  • Players can set to Auto-Refuse all Friend Requests / Invitations from Non-Friends
  • When changing class, if player owns a Class-Selection crystal, it will always be used in preference to Gold
  • 'View Info' added; players may view other Heroes equipment by clicking player or room info
  • Weekly PvP rewards modified: reward will be based on both 1v1 and 2v2 ranking:

--1st Place: 160 Gold, 40 Medals of Honour, Copper WarHorse

--2nd-3rd Place: 160 Gold, 40 Medals of Honour, Grey WarHorse

--4th-16th Place: 80 Gold, 20 Medals of Honour

--17th - 64th Place: 40 Gold, 10 Medals of Honour

--All other qualifying places: 20 Gold, 5 Medals of Honour

  • Players can only get Highest ranking rewards, cannot receive duplicate rewards

  • VIP Change
  • VIP2 can now use Gold for 1 extra Boss-Pick
  • VIP6 can now use Gold for 2 extra Boss-Picks
  • VIP9 can now use Gold for 3 extra Boss-Picks
  • Expeditions: Hell's Gates / Golden City / Arcane Dreamland: Max. Expedition time increased from 4 to 12 Hours. Max. Gold investment from 300 to 900
  • VIP Interface can be opened via Get Gold in Card Shop and clicking VIP directly underneath Hero Portrait

  • Bug Fixes
  • Reanimate ability: increased from 25% to 33%. A Creature may only Reanimate ONCE per battle
  • Turn ending though Inspire has reduced Countdown to 0: Fixed
  • Vel'Assar could use Forestall when petrified: Fixed
  • Ryli the White Witch couldn't damage enemy Hero: Fixed
  • Boss Skill: Bewilder in Windy Cliff: Fixed
  • Players could not select Buyout when they were the Highest Bidder: Fixed
  • Petrified Flying Creatures could not be removed: Fixed
  • Cure 4 would not function correctly: Fixed
  • Abilities remain active after creature is petrified: Fixed
  • Rupture working for less than 10 turns: Fixed
  • Bosses wouldn't act when facing creatures with Hidden ability: Fixed
  • Contribution rewards from Guild War not calculated with Guild Level: Fixed
  • Deck could not be viewed when too many decks exist: Fixed
  • After changing Class, new class and level were not displayed: Fixed

Patch Notes 5.2.2013

  • Admin Changes
  • Password Reset function added (LINK added soon)
  • Server Drop-down list added (LINK added soon)
  • Server clock added, see Guide here (LINK added soon)
  • Bug fix
  • Description change to Forestall & First Strike to accurately describe ability

Patch Notes 29.1.2013

  • Game Changes
  • When enchanting Equipment above Level 7, a confirmation page will appear to notify of the 10% Critical Fail rate
  • 2 new cards: Princess Sarya (Undead) and Emrys the Unyielding (Human), available exclusively from PvP Season rewards.
  • Bug Fixes
  • Castle of Bones Stage 3 fixed. Missing graphic in animation sequence causing erratic Stage behaviour fixed.
  • Localisation fixes to:

--Various Button and Tooltip corrections

--Bound By Blood Quest Description

Patch Notes 22.1.2013

  • Game Changes
  • Mail character limit raised from 255 to 1,000
  • Daily Guild Event times changed from 20:00-22:00 to:

3:00 - 4:00am CET

10:00 - 11:00am CET

21:00 - 22:00pm CET

  • Bugfixes
  • Localization fixes to:

-- Tooltip for VIP system added to VIP Menu

-- Card Ability Description: Dash, Cone of Fire

-- Description for Guild Event: Guild Wars, A Guild's Game of Thrones

-- Quest Description Text: Blood Brothers, Bound by Blood, Brotherhood

-- VIP3: Added 'Stacks of Gold' Guild Donation option

-- Small Format fix to Blacksmith Building Description text

-- Hero Attribute: Expertise description change

  • Small UI fix, the centre line of the Energy bar is now in the correct place

Patch Notes 15.1.2013

  • Bugfixes
  • Players will only receive weekly PvP Gold Rewards if they have completed at least 50 PvP battles in the 7-day period
  • VIP8 Players are now able to buy Fusing Materials in the Alchemy Lab (as written in VIP 8 description)
  • Change to Premeditation Skill Card Description: Your Hero takes 5 shadow damage and immediately draws 2 extra cards.
  • Game Changes
  • PvP Time restrictions have been removed
  • The end-date for the Daily Login rewards Event has been extended to the 28th February from 20th January

Patch Notes 3.1.2013

  • Description of Daily Login Rewards has been corrected
  • Name and description of Daily Login Rewards changed to make it easier to understand
  • Fixed the bug with the Map button 'greying out' (may need additional testing)
  • The display of Contribution Points in Guild has been fixed
  • Edited the Text format in Ranking Hall Season rewards section
  • Many various Localization and text fixes

-- Changed description to accurately describe Blessing: Regenerate

-- Changed description to accurately describe Mass Reveal Weakness

-- Made clearer the Ability description text of Cone of Lightning

-- Small change to Stun

Patch Notes 27.12.2012

  • Guild technique shows description of next level
  • Reshuffle for Gold in battles will be extra highlighted
  • Epic Gem removed from Gem-Shop (for now)
  • Text improvements on some card descriptions
  • The Accumulative Login rewards have been refreshed (so everyone will get the rewards from the start again, a small Xmas present)