PvP is a fun way to test out your deck and tactics against other players and earn your place in the server-wide rankings. If you are looking for a good fight against others, go to the Arena in your city.


If you want to initiate a battle, you need to create a room. Here you can choose between different options:

- Decide if you want to do a practice battle or a ranked fight

- Choose between 1vs1, 2vs2 or 4vs4

- Set a password to the room if you want to play with friends, or create an open one where everybody can join.

You can also just join any open rooms.

As soon as everybody in your team has pushed "ready", the team leader can start the fight via "GO". The system will now automatically look for an enemy team with a comparable strength to put you up against.

Deck Setups

Players use many different combinations of tactics and cards in PVP. Listed below are commonly used builds.

General Deck Builds

- Rushing

Class Specific Decks


- Juggernaut Deck

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