Region 1: Silver Heron Ridge

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Welcome to Silver Heron Ridge, This is the tutorial region for new Kings and Legends players. You will learn the basics of the game here and can start collecting rewards by completing the following map quests.

1-1: Cathedral of the Goddess Map Boss View Deck
Goblin Bandit
Cathedral bells toll, ringing out a warning and a call to arms! The solemn cathedral is under attack from Goblin Bandits, the Guardsmen can barely hold them back. You must help them and quickly!
Reward: Elven Hunter Star1.png
1-2: Eastern Church Grounds Map Boss View Deck
Goblin Marauder
Silver Heron Ridge hasn't been attacked by Goblins in many years, these raids are highly unusual. There must be some mysterious force at work...
Reward: Guard Star2.png
1-3: Border Farm Map Boss View Deck
Ogre Destroyer
The farm is a complete mess, weeds infest the fields, the barn and grain store have been burnt down! If these vile ogres aren't stopped, the entire nation will face a famine next year.
Reward: Squire Star1.png
1-4: Town of Folksvangur Map Boss View Deck
Ogre Marauder
Goblins and Ogres are attacking the Town of Folksvangur! The mayor is rallying his tired and beaten troops, he could use a hand. As the leader of Silver Heron Ridge, it's your responsibility to protect them!
Reward: Sentinel Star2.png
1-5: Town Hall Map Boss View Deck
Goblin Captain
The Goblin Captain has led the greenskins in a last-ditch attempt to take the town hall. Defeat them and the region will once again be secure!

Tip: The enemies are countless, be sure to guard your elite companion.

Reward: Champion Knight Star3.png

De: Silberreiher-Tal