Region 2: Deep Winter Heights

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2-1: Highway Fort Map Boss View Deck
Ogre Bandit
Scouts report that the Goblin & Ogre raids came from the icy fortresses to the west. You've also heard from the Elves that your childhood companion, Princess Erelei has been taken hostage. You must rescue her quickly!

Tip: Champion Knights stand on the stage for the first time, eager to employ their Heroic abilities. They'll certainly use the opportunity to charge directly to the enemy hero.

Reward: Lance Knight Star3.png
2-2: Hillside Sentry Tower Map Boss View Deck
Goblin Cheiftain
The sentry tower has been captured by Goblins, and reeks of blood and filth. Grab your weapons and take it back!

Tip: The cavalry's Charge ability can deal twice its damage to archers.

Reward: Elven Hunter Star3.png
2-3: Hilly Mountain Road Map Boss View Deck
Ogre Berserker
Ogres bar your path, take care as you charge on the icy slope, a fall here is just as deadly as an Ogre's Mace!

Tip: In order to defend yourself against Enraged Ogres, you should concentrate all your firepower on them and bring them down quickly.

Reward: Squire Star3.png
2-4: Stone Ruins Map Boss View Deck
Goblin Clan Leader
The Goblins have made a lair in these ancient ruins. Purify this site and destroy their filthy nest!

Tip: Paladins possess both the Vigilance and the Heal ability. You could call them the most practical supporting creatures.

Reward: Elven Archer Star1.png
2-5: Resting Grounds Map Boss View Deck
Frenzied Hound
A staging ground for raids, empty pens stand open, filled with the gnawed bones of unlucky captives. Even though the frenzied hounds have been feasting on rotting corpses, they won't pass up the chance to eat a fresh kill.

Tip: Use Ranged creatures to take out enemies with Counterattack ability without letting them get in range.

Reward: Horseman Star1.png
2-6: Snow-covered Slope Map Boss View Deck
Stronghold Guard
A party of Guardsmen unexpectedly assaults your armed escort. They seem happy with the illusion of an armed rebellion. Perhaps a decisive defeat will make them supply correct information in the future.

Tip: Use Cavalry creatures to seize the frontlines in a battle.

Reward: Guard Star2.png
2-7: Knifes-Edge Mountain Path Map Boss View Deck
Stronghold Sentry
Sentries have been instructed to not let anyone pass. Looks like you're going to have to go through them the hard way...

Tip: Try building a deck of low Countdown creatures if you're up against enemies with low Countdown or high Movement speed.

Reward: Templar Star2.png
2-8: Snowy Fort Map Boss View Deck
Commander Claude
The gates of the Snowy Fort are locked tight. Commander Claude is seething with enmity. The only way to rescue the elven priestess, Erelei, is by soundly defeating him.

Tip: You should definitely use the opportunity to bring yout Templars into play!

Reward: Elven High Priestess Star3.png