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Reputation info.png

The reputation relevant information can be accessed by clicking the Reputation icon.

As you advance through the game, make sure to keep an eye on your Reputation. Each time you fight a battle, Reputation points are awarded to each Race and Class that was included in your deck. As the Reputation for each Race reaches certain levels, different rewards can be claimed. Moreover, each level increases the critical hit and block rate for the Race in question.

Through completion of the main quests, PvP/ Boss Battles, the Map stages and boss stages, the player gains corresponding reputation and reputation experience rewards. Reputation is divided into 2 categories and 15 sub-categories. These include: Race Reputation (Human, Undead, Beast, Goblin, Ogre, Elf, Halfblood) and Class Reputation (Warrior, Ranger, Mage, Priest).

  • When player uses cards of a certain class or race in battle, her or she then gains Reputation XP points for that particular type. The reputation level is upgraded automatically once it has reached a certain value. Upgrades of the Reputation levels influence the corresponding creatures' Block and Critical hit rate or class skills.
  • When the Reputation reaches certain levels, the player can obtain Silver/experience/card fusing materials.
  • As the player progresses through the map storyline, certain reputation rewards are unlocked for the the Humans, Elves, Halfbloods and Undead, up to a total of 100,000 bonus rep to each for replaying each stage a given number of times.
  • For more details, players can check the 'Reputation Bonus' tab which lists the claimed/unclaimed stages and their replay requirements.
  • The third tab takes you to the reputation shop, where different cards are unlocked at certain levels and can be bought for silver.
  • Reputation levels for each race and your current class also give out 100 gold at level 30 and 300 gold at level 50. Race reputation also gives a support unit at level 45, such as 5-star Chief Ironhide or Crusador Lucanus, unlike class reputation which will award a legendary skill card at the same level.

Modifiers Tables

Each level of reputation increases critical hit and blocking chance of your creatures. In the case of class reputation, each level increases only the chance for critical hit of skills/spells, as the hero cannot block. The chance modifier is the same both for critical hit and for blocking. Each level provides an additional +0.4% increase to crit and block. Additionally, every 4 levels of skill reputation is the equivalent of 1 point of mastery.

Earning reputation by playing cards

Whenever you successfully complete a battle, you will earn reputation according to the following rules:

  • Each card in your deck is worth a certain amount of reputation, according to its rank
  • Class skill-cards earn reputation at 4x the rate of racial reputations
  • As your reputation level increases, certain rank cards no longer award rep. A message will be displayed for each race on the Info tab of the Reputation window, e.g. "You can only claim the reputation rewards with Halfblood Creatures cards ranked Rare or better"
    • At reputation level 16+, common/white cards no longer award reputation
    • At reputation level 23+, good/green cards no longer award reputation
    • At reputation level 30+, rare/blue cards no longer award reputation
    • At reputation level 35+, epic/purple cards no longer award reputation
    • At reputation level 40+, legendary/orange cards no longer award reputation
    • At reputation level 45+, godlike/red cards no longer award reputation
  • ​After calculating the reputation for each race, the bonus reputation for guild research is applied and rounded down. e.g. 224 reputation + 3% bonus = 230.72, this will be rounded down to 230.
  • Cards give 50% more reputation at PvP if you win and 50% less if you don't. If a PvP ends very fast (in under 1 min?) such as when either of you instantly surrenders, the reputation reward for both players can be reduced down to 10%.
  • PvE matches you lose don't give any reputation. There is no penalty to reputation if you win a PvE very fast.

​Reputation values of the various ranks of cards with 200% stamina bonus:

Rank Race Value Class Value
20 80
24 96
28 112
34 136
42 168
54 216

Earning Reputation by doing boss battles (PvE)

Each boss represents one of the 8 (counting dragons) main races you can earn Reputation for, and will provide a certain amount of Rep for that race for each completed stage regardless of whether you played any of its cards in that battle. (There is no boss so far that provides Outsiders or Angel rep.)

Reputation Rewards for Boss Challenges. Bonus reputation is not affected by energy, so you don't get double reputation when you have more than 20 energy.
Stage 1 (Normal) Stage 2 (Normal) Stage 1 (Hard) Stage 2 (Hard)
Shimmering Cave  (Goblin) 600 1200 900 1800
Dark Forest  (Beast) 600 1200 900 1800
Sanguine Tribe  (Ogre) 600 1200 900 1800
Windy Cliff  (Halfblood) 100 200 200 400
Desert Fortress  (Elf) ------ ------ 200 400
Castle of Bones  (Human) ----- ----- 200 400
King's Mausoleum  (Undead) ----- ----- 200 400
Ancient Den  (Beast) 600 ----- 900 -----
Red Dragon's Lair  (Dragon) 600 ----- 900 -----
Heavens Rapture


600 ----- 900 -----
Hells Realm


600 ----- 900 -----

Reputation experience to next level

Using only rep tokens (bought at Tower Shop for 1 tower-coin each), to go directly from:

30 to 35 takes 78 tokens,

30 to 42 takes 390 tokens,

35 to 42 takes 313 tokens,

40 to 42 takes 127 tokens,

42 to 50 takes 941 tokens.  

30 to 50 takes 1331 tokens,  

35 to 50 takes 1253 tokens,

40 to 50 takes 1067 tokens, and

45 to 50 takes 668 tokens.  

1383 tokens would theoretically take you all the way from level 1 to 50, but they can't be used until rep-level 30. The halfway mark for total rep experience to get to level 50 is just before reaching level 45.  At level 30 you are about 4% of the way to the end, and about 1/3 of the way there at level 42.  

It costs 1252 tower tokens to get from reputation level 35 to 50 in one race or class.  

Level Total XP

XP to level

1 0 1200
2 1200 1300
3 2500 1500
4 4000 1900
5 5900 2300
6 8200 2800
7 11,000 3300
8 14,300 3800
9 18,100 4500
10 22,600 5200
11 27,800 6100
12 33,900 7000
13 40,900 8000
14 48,900 9100
15 58,000 10,400
16 (Star2.png or better) 6,400 11,700
17 80,100 13,200
18 93,300 14,600
19 107,900 16,700
20 124,600 18,600
21 143,200 23,700
22 169,600 26,400
23 (Star3.png or better) 199,000 29,400
24 228,400 33,500
25 261,900 37,300
26 299,200 41,500
27 340,700 52,800
28 393,500 64,300
29 457,800 85,100
30 (Star4.png or better) 542,900 112,200
31 655,100 132,500
32 787,600 156,400
33 944,000 177,300
34 1,121,300 198,100
35 (Star5.png or better) 1,319,400 219,000
36 1,538,400 302,100
37 1,840,500 374,700
38 2,215,200 447,200
39 2,662,400 519,100
40 (Star6.png or better) 3,181,500 593,200
41 3,774,700 667,300
42 4,442,000 757,900
43 5,199,900 932,400
44 6,132,300 1,039,500
45 7,171,800 1,126,100
46 (Reputation tokens only!) 8,297,900 1,238,800
47 9,536,700 1,327,200
48 10,863,900 1,445,400
49 12,309,300 1,535,700
50 13,845,000 --

Level Rewards 

Each 5 levels of a race/class will allow one to claim a one-time bonus.

Level 5 1000 Silver
Level 10 300 Experience
Level 15 300 Energy/Soul/Magic Fragments
Level 20 5000 Silver
Level 25 900 Experience
Level 30 100 Gold
Level 35 Race: x30 Elixir of Life

Class: x6 Class Materials

Level 40 30000 Silver
Level 45 Legendary Race/Class Card
Level 50 300 Gold
Human Crusader Lucanus
Undead Prince Serka
Beast Chief Ironhide
Goblin Raid Captain Gubba
Ogre Sharptooth Chief Sharptooth
Elf First Ranger Talenor
Halfblood Chief Hrafn
Outsider Elemental Fire*** Epic Rank
Dragon Kaelithus
Angel Judge Aleksandra
Demon Lilith the Betrayer
Warrior Command: Heroic
Ranger Disinformation
Mage Charm
Preist Ring of Healing

Reputation Shop

As race reputation levels get higher to multiples of 7, players will unlock cards in the shop and be able to exchange silver for those unlocked cards.

Card prices in the shop depend on their rarity:

Rank Price
Common Star1.png 100 Silver
Good Star2.png 500 Silver
Rare Star3.png 2,500 Silver
Epic Star4.png 18,000 Silver
Legendary Star5.png 320,000 Silver
Level 7 Squire Star1.png Horseman Star1.png Wall of Vacuum Star2.png
Level 14 Sentinel Star2.png Grand Fencer Star2.png Grasping Wall Star2.png
Level 21 Mercenary Captain Star3.png Lance Champion Star3.png Wind Shielding Wall Star2.png
Level 28 Crusader Lucanus Star4.png Spike Wall Star3.png Wind Shelter Wall Star2.png
Level 35 Angelic Statue Star4.png Thorn Wall Star4.png
Level 42 Pontiff Faol Star4.png
Level 50 Jasmine The Dervish Star5.png
Level 7 Zombie Guard Star1.png Vampire Star1.png Dead Soldier's Wall Star2.png
Level 14 Zombie Legionaire Star2.png Chilling Ghost Star2.png Horrid Bone Wall Star2.png
Level 21 Vampire Archmage Star3.png Dread Phantom Star3.png Skeleton Wall Star2.png
Level 28 Prince Serka Star4.png Cursed Cauldron Star3.png Bone Wall Star2.png
Level 35 Wall Of Dark Night Star4.png Cauldron Star4.png
Level 42 Darius Darkhand Star4.png
Level 50 Gringheist Star5.png
Level 7 Hunting Dog Star1.png Thunder Lizard Star1.png Venomous Bat
Level 14 Hound Star2.png Armored Lizard Star2.png Bloodthirsty Bat Star2.png
Level 21 Fiery Cerberus Star3.png Sawtooth Thunder Lizard Star3.png Scarlet Bat Star3.png
Level 28 Chief Ironhide Star4.png
Level 35 Virulent Bat King Star4.png
Level 42 Spellfire Chimera Star4.png
Level 50 Lord Fleder Star5.png
Level 7 Goblin Rouge Star1.png Goblin Mobster Star1.png
Level 14 Goblin Bully Star2.png Goblin Poacher Star2.png
Level 21 Goblin Outlaw Star3.png Goblin Poison Archer Star3.png
Level 28 Raid Captain Gubba Star4.png Black Market Caravan Star3.png
Level 35 Treasure Chest Star4.png
Level 42 Chief-Warden Ariella Star4.png
Level 50 Warlord Graz'nak Star5.png
Level 7 Ogre Star1.png Wall of Replenishing Star3.png
Level 14 Ogre Berzerker Star2.png Wall of Revival Star3.png
Level 21 Ogre Hercules Ringleader Star3.png Wall of Renewal Star3.png
Level 28 Chief Sharptooth Star4.png Wall of Recovery Star3.png
Level 35 Ogre Bone Heap Star4.png
Level 42 Smasha' Rulk Star4.png
Level 50 Krusha' Star5.png
Level 7 Elven Hunter Star1.png Pegasus Scout Star1.png Arrow Keep Star2.png
Level 14 Elven Longbow Archer Star2.png Elven Fire Mage Star2.png Arrow Tower Star2.png
Level 21 Elven High Priestess Star3.png Pegasus Raid Leader Star3.png Sentry Tower Star2.png
Level 28 First ranger Talenor Star4.png Arcane Crystal Tower Star3.png Outpost Star2.png
Level 35 Thornbush Star4.png Tower of Crystal Star4.png
Level 42 Velyn the Unscarred Star4.png
Level 50 Tariel the Phalanx Star5.png
Level 7 Centaur Archer Star1.png Tengu Samurai Star1.png Ancient Relic Wall Star2.png
Level 14 Feles Scout Star2.png Centaur Gorilla Star2.png Archaic Relic Wall Star2.png
Level 21 Feles Assassin Master Star3.png Tengu Bloodseeker Star3.png Relic Wall Star2.png
Level 28 Chief Hrafn Star4.png Wolfclan Battledrum Star3.png Fragile Relic Wall Star2.png
Level 35 Halfblood Totem Star4.png Battle Drum Star4.png
Level 42 Fenris the Butcher Star4.png
Level 50 Sky Reaver Vara Star5.png
Level 7 Flame Welp Star1.png Chilled Adept Star1.png Storm Welp Star1.png
Level 14 Blessed Drake Star2.png Shadow Dragonkin Star2.png Flame Drake Star2.png
Level 21 Frost Dragon Star3.png Stormy Disciple Star3.png Blessed Dragon Star3.png
Level 28 Draaksarus Star4.png Pious Disciple Star3.png Shadow Dragon Star3.png
Level 35 Tharymaskus Star4.png
Level 42 Tesalos Star4.png
Level 50 Kyrene Roxia Star5.png
Level 7 Angel Star1.png Angelic Shield Star1.png Cherubic Skirmisher Star1.png
Level 14 Heaven's Judgement Star2.png Angelic Steward Star2.png Cherubic Archer Star2.png
Level 21 Angelic Savior Star3.png Angel Vanguard Star3.png Angelic Flame Star3.png
Level 28 Judge Raziel Star4.png Virtuous Champion Star3.png Cherubic Elite Star3.png
Level 35 Judge Lenaya Star4.png
Level 42 Judge Artimus Star4.png
Level 50 Savior Carella Star5.png
Level 7 Imp Star1.png Stone Gargoyle Star1.png Hellfire Star1.png
Level 14 Pit Lord Star2.png Bilious Ankheg Star2.png Tremor hellfire Star2.png
Level 21 Greater Eye Star3.png Obsidian Gargoyle Star3.png Hellborn Star3.png
Level 28 Pyro herostratus Star4.png Baphomet Champion Star3.png Succubus Temptress Star3.png
Level 35 Pestilence Kra'gash Star4.png
Level 42 Aeneas the Scourge Star4.png
Level 50 Merciless Mareth Star5.png