Rushing means to attack to enemy quickly, using fast, low count cards to catch the enemy off guard. Rushing can end a match every quickly if your opponent doesn't have the means to counter it.

Basics of Rushing

When building a rush deck, speed is everything, so you’re looking for low countdown and fast movement cards. The idea is to get your units to the enemy hero in the shortest amount of time possible and swarm him. Units such as Cavalry and Pegasus will be the core of a good rush deck given their +2 movement, Pegasus also having the advantage of being able to fly over units.

Building a Rush Deck

Many rushers will take only the minimum amount of cards they need in order to avoid the wrong cards coming out. A Rush deck may only contend half the available cards and is mainly made up of 1 and 2 Countdown cards.

While you can get a lot of cards out quickly to swarm the opponent, you run the risk of the enemy countering with Tanks, Walls and Vigilance cards, causing you to run out of cards. Depending on your class you can further improve your Rush with certain skills.

Warrior – Increased damage from skills: Encourage and Command: Heroic

Priest – Health boost to help survive direct damage from heroes: Blessing: Life, Inspire

Mage – Slow attackers and give flight: Frost Nova, Hermes’ Wings

Ranger – Get cards out faster; slow your opponent’s card: Premeditation, Sow Disorder, Cloaked Shot

How to Counter a Rusher

Dealing with a rusher can be tricky if you have bad luck with your cards, but there are ways to make life hard for them.

Generally rush type fast cards are fairly low damage and you can afford to let your hero take a few rounds worth of hits. Once the rusher has a couple of cards next to your Hero, use your Vigilance cards to block your lanes and kill his 2 cards. From here use the space freed up next to your hero to add your cards and fight back.

Using direct damage skills such as Fireball can help to free up spaces to fit in your cards to fight back and stall the rush. The main thing is not to let the rusher fill up your lanes or its over!

When dealing with Pegasi rushing, putting troops in early will hurt you more as the Pegasus can bypass your troops easily. Wait while they are close to you and use Vigilance cards to block them in. The low level Human wall Wind Shelter Wall is also really useful against Pegasi as it stops them flying.

If you have a few flying units of your own, another strategy is to use these units to block off your lanes, as Pegasi can't fly over other flying units. Tengu Cards are quite good at blocking as they normally come with nice abilities such as Heroic and counter attack.

Finally Elven Longbow Men are great against Pegasi, as they do double damage to flying units and have great range.

List of Rush Cards

Human Elf Halfblood Beasts
Lancer Pegasus Scout Centaur Archer Hound
Lance Knight Pegasus Guard Centaur Rider Hunting Hound
Horseman Pegasus Rider Centaur Hunter
Knight Pegasus Champion Centaur Guerrilla
Pegasus Legionnaire Centaur Guerrilla Leader
Pegasus Raid Leader Centaur Marksman
Lucius Swift
Mifzuna the Wind
Maia the Shadowbade
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