Soul Summoner

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Soul Summoner- Beast Cards.png


Soul Summoner is a daily event where players can search for and collect Soul Shards to exchange them for powerful cards. Types of creatures that can be summoned include:

  • Human (Eacann the Charger, Emperor Augustus) (See Human Cards)
  • Elf (Tanwen Wildfire, King Vel'Assar) (See Elf Cards)
  • Halfblood (Mifzuna the Wind, Chieftain Lionroar) (See Halfblood Cards)
  • Undead (Desperate Soul, Undead King Bael) (See Undead Cards)
  • Goblin (Raid Captain Gubba, Goblin Adonis) (See Goblin Cards)
  • Ogre (Chief Sharptooth, Boss Ragnar) (See Ogre Cards)
  • Beast (Chief Ironhide, Big Shuck) (See Beast Cards)
  • Dragon (Kaelithus, Danika Flameheart) (See Dragon Cards)
  • Celestial (Judge Samael, Archangel Michael) (See Celestial Cards)
  • Demon (Lilith the Betrayer, Diabolos) (See Demon Cards)

Players have 5 daily attempts to reveal slots on the board for free Soul Shards. Daily attempts reset at 5:00AM server time.

Pressing Scan allows players to open 3 slots per attempt for free. Pressing Survey allows players to open 4 slots per attempt, at 40 Gold per survey, but with greater rewards. An additional slot can be opened with 10 Gold.

Soul Shards that are found during the Scan or Survey contribute to the Race Soul Power Meter. When this meter is high enough, a Legendary (1000 Soul Power) or even Godlike card (12000 Soul Power) can be summoned and claimed.

Occasionally, Soul Shards/Fragments may be found in Challenge Hall (Hard) Picks.